nIR HEG Headband

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Will not calibrate

Channel in status bar continues to flash even after a period of data collection.

  1. Check connection of sensors to the forehead, move hair. Do not allow light to reach sensors.
  2. Recalibrate - press HEG Calibrate (or link button on Q-wiz)
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Unplug replug - Disconnect the amplifier cable from your computer and re-connect.
Signal stuck at 98.8

If the HEG signal is stuck at 98.8 it maybe a headband issue. Please try a few things:

  1. Reboot the computer to start fresh.
  2. Make sure only one iteration of BioExplorer is open. Look for a second Wiz control window behind the one that is visible.
  3. Make sure it is in 4 Channel mode for Q-wiz or EEG mode for X-wiz, not HEG mode.
  4. On the Wiz control window, power off and then on again to insure you have control.
  5. Recalibrate from the Wiz control window. (Press HEG calibrate) Does anything turn out differently?
  6. Select test tone. It will alternate flashing between bright red (red LED light) and very dim (infrared LED light). The infrared will be difficult to see, but is more easily seen through a mobile phone camera. Do both LEDs light?
  7. If LEDs are flashing correctly, try a reset of the Q-wiz.
  8. Check the pins on the headband where it connects to the cable. Clean if necessary.