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BIOEXPLORER:   If BioExplorer is currently not opening, please download the latest version of BioExplorer.
Blue/purple dongle (HASP)           Green dongle          Windows 7 (HASP)
If that does not resolve the issue, check the suggestions on our troubleshooting page.


FLASH:   If Flash is not working, for a quick fix, change the date on your computer. See our support page for a long-term fix.

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Antivirus - Find out about your program

BioExplorer Preferences

BioExplorer Version - Latest version, your version

COM Port number - To connect device in BioExplorer

Feedback options

Microsoft Office version - Excel 32 bit is required for TQ7

System Information - About your computer

System Specifications for Training Software

Updates - Where to get product updates/downloads



Devices changed while recording - Disable USB Power Management (device connection problems)

MIDI sounds are not heard - Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is missing from Windows installation.

Tool is missing (Volumes, Filters, etc.) - Recover missing tool in BioExplorer

Video or DVD problems

Will not launch