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MESSAGE REGARDING BioEXPLORER - Sentinel LDK Protection System Internal Error 0x7101 Occurred!

If you have a blue/purple hasp key, updates have caused this error on many computers. We are waiting for CyberEvolution to release a permanent fix for this. If BioExplorer is not currently running please try a workaround that has helped several people.

  1. Turn off Windows updates
  2. Uninstall BioExplorer
  3. In Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers uninstall Sentinel HASP key and Sentinel HL Key
  4. Download (Save) and install (right-click>Run as administrator) version of BioExplorer
  5. Optima+ users: Download (Save) and run the Neurobit setup (for Optima+ drivers)
  6. See if BioExplorer launches. If not, try running in Compatibility mode for Windows 7 or XP (service pack 3).


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