About BioExplorer Preferences

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If you want to understand more about what the settings mean in BioExplorer Preferences, please read below.

Reload last design at startup

Every time you open BioExplorer, the design you last used will open so you will not have to browse to it. This can be convenient if you are training with a specific design regularly.

Get Timer Settings from Design

This sets the session length according to what is specified in the design. We recommend you keep this checked. Be sure to check it for assessments so the recording will pause after each minute. You can uncheck this if you do not want the session to stop automatically.

Record on Play

When this is selected, every time you click the green Capture/Play button the session will be recorded. If it is not checked, you will click the red Record button when ready to record and you will name and save your session. Left unchecked, this gives time to examine the signal before recording and without the filename prompt open. If checked, it can help you remember to record. If you choose not to record a session when it opens, click Cancel. We only recommend saving assessment files or session files you want to review or send to your trainer/supervisor.

Play Immediately

If this is checked, your data flow will start immediately upon clicking Capture, only if Record on Play is selected. If you uncheck it, the data flow will not start until you have named your file. This is not active if you have not selected Record on Play.

Prompt for Session Info when Recording

This opens a separate window for entering client name and session notes. This seems like a nice feature except that in order to access these notes and see what was written you have to play back the .bxs session recording and select Session | Info.

session info

Auto Generate Session Filename

This will create a filename for every recording using the date and time. There are a few reasons we do not use this:

  1. Sessions are automatically saved in the folder shown in the Save session files here field so it requires that you open Preferences and change the location for each client before starting.
  2. If you forget, you have to go to the folder and move the file from here to the correct client folder. We prefer to select the folder location at the time of recording.
  3. The name is rather lengthy and we recommend naming your own recordings.