Add Exclusion to Antivirus program

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Antivirus programs sometimes mistakenly identify a file as having a virus/trojan. We recommend that you add the directory Documents\Brain-Trainer as an exclusion in your antivirus program. The button below links to Microsoft Support's instructions on adding an exclusion. Other antivirus programs will have varying instructions.


The following are alternative instructions for Windows Defender.

1. Type “Windows Defender settings” into your computer search bar

2. Then click on the gray button that says Open Windows Defender Security Center.

3. Click on Virus and Threat Protection | Virus and Threat protection settings and scroll down to Exclusions and click Add or Remove Exclusions

4. Click Add an Exclusion and choose the folder in the C drive Documents\Brain-Trainer for the TQ7.


You may need to run the TQ7 or Designs setup again from your downloads folder or even download it again if the file has already been removed from your system.