1 - BioExplorer Setup

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Download BioExplorer setup file

Download the file for the dongle key that you have (purple/blue or green).

Blue/purple dongle (HASP)    Green dongle      Windows 7 (HASP)

Save to your Downloads folder.

Uninstall previous versions

If you have version of BioExplorer installed, please uninstall it. Otherwise, continue to installation..

See Uninstall BioExplorer video:

Locate the BE setup file in your Downloads folder

setup file in downloads folder

1. Right-click on the BE setup file

run as administrator

2. Select Run as administrator.

hasp driver installation

Plug in USB Dongle key

BioExplorer software will not run without the USB dongle key.

hasp key with beads

See installation in action:

Will not launch?

BIOEXPLORER:   If BioExplorer is currently not opening, please download the latest version of BioExplorer.
Blue/purple dongle (HASP)           Green dongle          Windows 7 (HASP)
If that does not resolve the issue, check the suggestions on our troubleshooting page.

Open BioExplorer Preferences (preferred settings)

Select BioExplorer from the menu bar.

Select Preferences from the BioExplorer menu.

Open preferences


Select general settings

In Preferences Properties under the General tab, check the settings as shown below.

preferences selected

Select DVD settings

Under the DVD Settings tab, select DScaler as decoder option. This should be available if you have allowed it to install when running Brain-Trainer's setup file.

See it in action: