Computer Specs for Brain-Training

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We recommend these specifications for successful training.Computer Specs BioExplorer
Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit. (Windows 7 may not run the latest releases of BioExplorer.)
— Processor: Intel Core i5 minimum
— Processor generation: 8600 (8th generation with 6 real nuclei)
— RAM (Installed physical memory): 8 GB (16 GB is better)
— Storage: 250 GB solid state drive (SSD) with optional complementary hard drive (HD)
— 2 USB ports or 1 port + a powered USB hub for connecting dongle and amplifier and other devices (mouse).
     It occasionally happens that an amplifier will not perform correctly unless it is plugged directly into the computer's USB port. If this is the case, an additional port would be necessary for the dongle or hub.
Grounded (3-pronged) power cable
— A sound card is required for audio feedback
— Monitor: HD monitor 15″ minimum
— Video card: Laptop- Video output is required for optional second monitor; Desktop- Dual independent video outputs are required for optional dual monitor display.
— Headset: recommended for feedback.
— Second monitor/TV: recommended for trainee/client
— Speakers: recommended in the event a headset is not connected.
Antivirus: Windows Defender
Microsoft Office: full license (not free) of 32 bit Excel with macro capability for TQ7 Trainer's Q assessment processing tool  if purchasing


Get a Netbook/Ultrabook/Chromebook. Not enough power.
Get a Lenovo we prefer. Recently users are finding many problems with Lenovo and its bloatware.
Get Microsoft Office 64 bit. TQ7 will not run on 64 bit Excel.
Install McAfee, Norton, Avast, AVG, Bit Defender. Many technical support issues we deal with relate to Norton, Bit Defender, AVG, Avast and McAfee programs blocking the download or installation of the BioExplorer setup file or Pocket Neurobics driver or causing lagging in BioExplorer performance.
Use VMware. It can be problematic with the amount of data sent through the COM ports from amplifiers. We cannot support Pocket Neurobics driver problems on machines that use virtual machines.