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Plug Electrodes into Amplifier

The "montage" listing shows you which sites on the head go to which inputs in each channel.

The montage above shows:

Cz on the head plugs into the 1+ input
A2 (right ear lobe) plugs into the 1- input
The ground (A1) is plugged into gnd

You must ALWAYS have a ground.


You MUST have a ground (most amplifiers use one ground for all channels), and the ground can go anywhere on the body (such as the other ear). It may not be specified in the Montage.

Look at the amplifier, and you'll see that the inputs to plug the electrodes into are marked 1+, 1-, etc. Each channel of EEG (you can train one channel, two channels, 3 or 4 channels at a time) has:

a. One "Active" electrode (which goes into the + input)
b. One "Reference" electrode (which goes into the – input
c. A Ground or neutral electrode (which goes into the gnd, G or N input)

The Q-wiz has channels 1 and 3 sharing a reference and channels 2 and 4 sharing a reference.