Downloading Product Files

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Before you begin, please make sure to download all your files from your Order Confirmation or your account:

See also our text setup guide Starting With Brain-Training.

Brain-Trainer Setup Files

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Download products from Brain-Trainer

Save to Downloads folder

If given the option to open or save, select save.

You have several options for downloading. Choose one: Click the link in your order confirmation screen or email.



See download screens

Download screens

These are your options for downloading. You will see an Order confirmation screen when your order is complete and you should also receive a confirmation email. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder.

Order confirmation screen

Seen as soon as you order. There will be a download button if the product is immediately available.

Order confirmation page

Store account Downloads page if you created an account. Go to Orders and click on the recent order.

brain-trainer account page

Order receipt email

If product is available immediately there will be a download button.

brain-trainer order receipt email

Order complete email

When payment is complete the download button will be available.

brain-trainer order complete email

ShareFile If an account was created for you in the past, you would have been notified by email notification. 

sharefile download page