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Links to purchase or download software and videos for feedback.

Brightness/Volume feedback

BxShadow for BioExplorer

Use brightness and volume control for DVDs, streaming video and other screen applications by interfacing with BioExplorer. No need to use BioExplorer’s DVD player!  For Windows machines or Mac with Boot Camp. Does not work with Mac Parallels.

BxShadow User Guide

Internet Arcade - Free streaming arcade games for BxShadow


Games are an optional type of feedback. Flash games for BioExplorer are loaded into the flash player of a design - but only designs that have a flash player object programmed into them. Such designs have "Games" in the name to indicate this. Somatic Vision games are opened in addition to BioExplorer and change the look and sound according to training success.

BioPLAY Games - Arcade-style games for BioExplorer

Flash player games that can be integrated into any BioExplorer design with any modality, and are compatible with BioGraph Infiniti 5.0 and up and Brainmaster 2.5 SE and up.

BioPLAY Games – Pete’s discussion

BioPLAY Games List

Somatic Vision - Interactive game environments

Dual Drive Xtreme (racing speed, difficulty), Inner Tube (ship speed, fog and more), Particle Editor (particle effect, music)

Somatic Vision Games- Pete’s discussion


Videos are an optional type of feedback that can be opened inside BioExplorer's designs - but only designs that have a video player object programmed into them. Such designs have "Video" in the name to indicate this. Animation videos come with Brain-Trainer packages or can be bought separately. They need to be loaded into the video player. Free videos can be downloaded from online.

Free Fractal animations - Eric Bigas HOW TO

Free Fractal animations - The Ultimate Fractal Video Project

Free Fractal recursions

Free Short video clips – Pocket Neurobics Video Library

Kaleidoscope & 3D Landscape animation videos - George Martin, NorthStar Neurofeedback