Load Channel Settings (Optima+)

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Skip this step if you have a Wiz.

Here you will select the settings for the type of training you want to do. This can be done channel by channel using the channel tabs (Chan A, Chan B, etc.). HEG is typically used to start learning brain-training with one channel (CHAN A) Pre-determined settings files are available for your convenience.

Load pre-selected settings

1. Click Load button

2. Select settings file

In the Documents\Neurobit folder, select either HEG or EEG 4C (L) Linked. You can train 1, 2 or 4 channels with this setting and unlink by selecting "No connection" in the relevant channel tabs or disable channels if desired. (I) is Independent references. (L) is Linked or Common references. Your training plan directs which to select.

Close the Neurobit Optima settings window and click OK on the Device Properties window in order to allow the device to connect. Open them again if you need to load different settings.

Load settings

Neurobit Driver and associated runtime files are included as part of the brain-trainer Neurobit_Setup file. However, new versions of that runtime package may be released independently of the application releases. The latest package is always available on the webpage:


Unpack it (Extract files) (with enabled overwriting of existing files) to C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer.