Select Amplifier Settings

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Wiz settings

  1. Check that Power is on
  2. Mode is 4 channel for Q-wiz, EEG for X-wiz
  3. Helper is off
  4. Select USB (not wireless)

Optima+ settings

  1. Right-click the black status bar on the name "Neurobit Optima" and select Properties.
  2. Click on Optima Config Window.
  3. Click the Load button and in the directory Documents\Neurobit, select HEG nIR.nbc and open .
  4. Close Neurobit Optima settings window and OK to close Optima Config Window

Wiz Mode

Counterintuitively, the correct mode for LIFE is not HEG but is 4 channel for Q-wiz, EEG for X-wiz.