Session with Climbing

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To train with climbing (focus), leave default settings as they are. Then start the session (Capture > Start > Capture Baseline). LIFE will automatically begin in climbing mode until the Dive Now button is pressed.


Pay attention to the brain man as he climbs. Remember to breathe.



After 3 minutes or when you feel tired. Relax and let your mind be still as the brain man goes under water.

dive nowThe Diving state is the opposite of Climbing. Instead of single-pointed mental focus, the trainee defocuses the eyes, shifts from paying attention to the mind to attending to breathing in the chest/belly. The mind is still and aware but not thinking or trying. This is an open focus state.  It may help to start with eyes closed and then learn to hold the state while slowly opening them. Trainees with obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors, getting “stuck,” anxiety or intellectualizing may find it more difficult to dive.