Wiz Firmware Update

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Firmware files are downloaded to a directory on your computer. We suggest saving in Downloads. The firmware page is no longer active on the manufacturer's website. The most recent firmware file we have available at Brain-Trainer is version 9x below:


Then there are several mechanisms to download the file into the Wiz. The Wiz needs to be placed into Program Mode to allow the download to proceed. Use the Wiz settings window to select Program Mode.


Update using BioExplorer software

  1. Open BioExplorer.
  2. Connect Wiz to USB port.
  3. Open BioExplorer > Devices. This opens the Device Manager.
  4. Select PN wiz as a device if it is not already selected and double-click the name to open Device Properties and check that the correct COM port is selected.
  5. Click the PN Wiz tab.
  6. Set Wiz to Program mode by selecting Program on the Wiz window.
  7. Now select Upload firmware in the Device Properties window.
  8. Navigate to the folder where you saved the firmware file and select the file.
  9. Select Open and allow the Wiz to update.

Upon completion, the last line of the update in the Properties window should say SUCCEEDED and the Wiz window will show Mode changed from Program to EEG. 

We use 4 channel mode (256 samples per second) for HEG and EEG so it can be set to 4 channel mode now. Click OK and close the window.

Update using BioEra software

  1. Place the Wiz in Program Mode.
  2. Load a ‘BioEra for Windows’ Wiz design.
  3. In the design view, right click on the “PN_Wiz” object and select “Advanced Properties”.
  4. You will see an item “Firmware File Path”. Locate the firmware file to upload to the Wiz.
  5. Then click “Upload Firmware”

Progress of the file upload is not indicated, however as above, success will be indicated by the Wiz starting to transmit in Mode 2.

Update without BioExplorer or BioEra

To update the firmware for your Q-wiz without using BioExplorer or BioEra software, first download the stand-alone Firmware uploader utility below.


1.  Put the Wiz in Program mode. On the Q-wiz, press the Mode button on the Wiz to change the mode. 1 blink of the mode light indicates Mode 1, 4 blinks is Mode 4, 0 blinks is Mode 0- Program Mode.


2.  Run the firmware uploader utility. Double-click to run the firmware uploader utility. Use the following serial port properties:

38400 Baud
8 bit
1 start bit, 1 stop bit
No parity
The COM Port assigned to the Wiz driver by Windows (Device Manager > COM & LPT Ports)

3.  Navigate to find the saved file on your computer. It will be in your Downloads folder if that is where you saved it.

[ if there is an error message about missing files then see here..

Video below: Using BioExplorer to check version and update