Wiz Troubleshooting

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Check that you have connected your Wiz to your computer using the USB cable.

Not Connected

Try the following:

  • Remove device and re-add it.
  1. BioExplorer | Devices, highlight "PN Wiz" and Remove.
  2. Click Add and select "PN Wiz".
  3. Select COM port number.
  4. Disconnect and and reinsert Wiz USB cable if not yet connected.
  • Change COM port to 4 or higher in computer's Device Manager and select it in BioExplorer. Windows sometimes has issues when COM Ports 1, 2, or 3 are used as they may be reserved for other functions.
  • Run the Pocket Neurobics driver setup - Find in your Documents\Brain-Trainer\Help folder pnWirelessDongleDriver_Install_XP_Vista_Win7.exe and right-click and run the driver file as administrator.
  • In your Computer's Device Manager under "Other devices" USB Serial Port is listed with a yellow warning symbol, do a manual installation of the PN driver.
Devices changed while recording
No Port
Sync Error
  • Security systems can block drivers. Be sure you have run driver as administrator.
  • Try different USB port
  • If happening with HEG, check that headband is functioning correctly. Is signal behaving normally (varying as in video demo, not stuck, without erratic highs and lows)?
  • If using USB hub, try without hub connecting directly to computer's USB port.
  • For Wiz, try firmware update
  • If using a PN wireless dongle, unplug while using Wiz USB.
  • Is this a virtual machine or Mac? Do not use virtual machine/VMware. (Packets of data are lost through COM port). If using Mac, please use Boot Camp.
Intermittent flat line signal
  1. Try new USB port
  2. Check that you are using printer-style cable from Q-wiz to Computer
  3. Remove any extender cable between the Q-wiz and computer
  4. Test the Q-wiz using test design: https://provider.brain-trainer.com/resources/q-wiz-testing
  5. Try new printer-style cable