Wiz Troubleshooting

Check that you have connected your Wiz to your computer using the USB cable.

Not Connected

Try the following:

  • Remove device and re-add it.
  1. BioExplorer | Devices, highlight "PN Wiz" and Remove.
  2. Click Add and select "PN Wiz".
  3. Select COM port number.
  4. Disconnect and and reinsert Wiz USB cable if not yet connected.
  • Change COM port to 4 or higher in computer's Device Manager and select it in BioExplorer. Windows sometimes has issues when COM Ports 1, 2, or 3 are used as they may be reserved for other functions.
  • Run the Pocket Neurobics driver setup - Find in your Documents\Brain-Trainer\Help folder pnWirelessDongleDriver_Install_XP_Vista_Win7.exe and right-click and run the driver file as administrator.
  • In your Computer's Device Manager under "Other devices" USB Serial Port is listed with a yellow warning symbol, do a manual installation of the PN driver.

Devices changed while recording

No Port

Sync Error

  • Security systems can block drivers. Be sure you have run driver as administrator.
  • Try different USB port
  • If happening with HEG, check that headband is functioning correctly. Is signal behaving normally (varying as in video demo, not stuck, without erratic highs and lows)?
  • If using USB hub, try without hub connecting directly to computer's USB port.
  • For Wiz, try firmware update
  • If using a PN wireless dongle, unplug while using Wiz USB.
  • Is this a virtual machine or Mac? Do not use virtual machine/VMware. (Packets of data are lost through COM port). If using Mac, please use Boot Camp.