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Record brain activity for the assessment that will be used in developing your training plan. Do the steps in green.

This step-by-step online guide is a supplement to the TQ7 Complete Guide that you should find in your Brain-Trainer\Help folder. See also online. From the guide, you can select the 4-Channel Assessment chapter for your amplifier and sensors (e.g. Electro-Cap - Optima).

Before you begin, it is helpful to collect your reading materials that you will need for the reading tasks and pattern recognition task. Choose something your client will be interested in.

  • Client listens for detail. Read or tell a story or article with detailed information in it while the client listens. Tell the client you may ask questions after the recording.
  • Client reads silently for detail.
  • Pattern recognition, counting the number of occurrences of the letter sequence “t, h and e”, whether in a word (e.g. their, another) or as a word itself.